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Lucy V
Thanks, Kaleah! So wonderful to speak with Kaleah after her online resources (on Sedona talk radio and narcissism have already been so insightful and helpful in my life.
Michelle T
I can sleep again At another time in my life when I was suffering from anxiety, stress and not able to sleep through the night, my session with Kaleah allowed me to understand the source of my pain and empowered me to then take ownership of my recovery. After my session I was able to sleep through the night again and feel in control of my life.
Very Helpful Gave me new insight and offered tools for healing.
Very Helpful! My session really helped me clarify why I had a need to go 'no contact' with my mother. It helped me feel much less guilty. That my feelings mattered seems obvious, but coming from another person it gives you permission do what you have to do. Thanks Kaleah! :)
Uma doleschel
rebirth i feel so heard and understood in my situation reading this and i learn a lot about myself in a very respectful way that helps me moving forward to healing.
Rhonda S
Core healing Awesome
New Client I've had one consultation and one session so far. My experience has been very special and I have a strong feeling that working with Kaleah will really aid me in changing my life for the better. It's been a blessing and pleasure thus far.
One Hour Counseling Session I really enjoyed my one hour counseling session with Kaleah. Her ability to really listen and offer advise was priceless for me. She knows first hand what it's like to live with a narcissist and to talk with someone who truly understands what you're going through is very healing. I can't wait for my next session!
a counselor I trust traditional psychotherapy has its limits. i spent 10 years with psychotherapy practitioners who helped me become aware of certain issues but did nothing to help me understand the toxic dynamics of my increasingly disastrous relationships. the men I was attracted to were increasingly narcissistic, and the last one was probably a sociopath as well as a narcissist. none of my other therapists would have pointed this out, they made no sense of the crazy-making behaviour of these people. since I have been in counselling with Kaleah I feel more empowered to see red flags and cut off relationships before they become very destructive to me. now we have decided that because of my history of being attracted to narcissists and sociopaths I will be taking things very slowly in relationships. Kaleah has shown me that my main goal is to focus on building myself. thank you Kaleah for your intuitive counselling, and for always offering the best advice.
Michele K
excellent Excellent sharing of resources in an insightful and compassionate manner.
Clare O
Kaleah's One to one sessions I was so relieved and inspired by Kaleah's insightful, supportive therapy on a one to one basis at a time when I truly needed a guiding hand, she was there for me with her unfaltering wisdom and advice. I'm forever grateful for finding her. I have worked with many a therapist, trying to work through my darkness and I consider her business, path back to self, as the most highly recommended route.
Joanne R
Making a decision. I have read many of Kaleah's articles and listened to her radio archives. Decided to have a session to make a decision on how to proceed with divorcing my narcissistic husband. She was helpful in getting me to see where my choices might lead.
Kaleah has enormous insight. I sought out Kaleah after ending a five month relationship with a Narcissist Personality Disordered boyfriend. I had just previously, attended a psychologist, who agreed that my boyfriend was likely a Narcissist, but had absolutely no understanding of the effects that would have incurred on me. I was afraid to leave my apartment and she not only did not understand why...she avoided the topic! Kaleah helped me understand that I had been traumatized. She listened carefully to every word I said. She showed enormous understanding of all the destructive aspects of a relationship with a Narcissist. I didn't even have to describe in detail. She simply understood. That level of understanding and validation is hugely important to someone who has experienced this kind of person in their life, and it would seem that there are very few people out there in the helping profession who have any understanding. This type of understanding can only come about through having experienced it. Kaleah was very helpful to me, very kind and wise and supportive.
Kathleen C
Steps to more peace Beginning life after a forty eight year marriage is very challenging. The counseling session helped me have more peace. Thank you Kaleah…some of the things you shared seemed simple but so powerful. After talking with you and later in the day I felt lighter and happier. God bless you for sharing your insight on how to survive and live again after the trauma of living under the influence of a true narcissist. I am looking forward to talking more with you!
Thank you again Kaleah! for a great session, i felt very "heard" if that makes sense, and appreciate your intuition, insight and advice always
Debbie M
consult Absolutely wonderful
Counseling session Thank you Kaleah for helping me to reorganize my thoughts and experiences to help me better understand the true healthy meaning of "letting go" at this time in my life, something I have needed to do for quite some time. A gracious thank you.
Rose Mary D
Well Worth the Money My hour long counseling session with Kaleah was extremely helpful. She gave me wonderful ideas and insights. Her knowledge and experience gives her great wisdom. I have also purchased some of her downloads and between that and the counseling session, feel I have made great strides in just a couple of days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lolita H
Phone Counseling 4 Stars
Marcia S
Counciling With Kaleah It is very important, when reaching out, for help in healing, to find someone you can relate to and that has an understanding of your situation. At times a passion to reach out and help others, begins with a healing of their own. This, along with the training she has received, is what has put Kaleah at the top for me, for help in my healing. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, spiritual, passionate about her offerings...and this resonates through her talking and singing.
Balanced Thoughtful, balanced feedback and information.
Lisa V
Very pleased It is a true gift to have such personal input from such a wise, kind, honest and spiritual woman. The podcasts are amazingly helpful also, but to follow up with advice tailored for my circumstances is helping immensely in my journey.
Immediate relief! When I finally figured out that I had been a victim of a narcissist, I was stunned and shocked. I needed some reality checking, and an ear from someone who knew her way around it. What I got was that and a whole lot more. I got really solid suggestions about what I could do to heal. It's working, too. I'd highly recommend her!
So grateful I found Kaleah! Kaleah has transformed my life completely - for the better. Since being in counselling with her I have begun to feel so much more positive and in control of my life, work, and relationships. What I like is that Kaleah does not pretend to be some kind of guru, she is down to earth, a real person. But her advice, based on her excellent intuition, is always spot on. thank you Kaleah!
Rhonda S
Counseling Yes
Oscar P
Totally Got Me Where I needed to Be I cannot believe my good fortune to have found Kaleah as my therapist who is beyond empathic she connects on so many levels with me on my journey of healing after the trauma Of the Narcissistic Abuse I experienced. I searched for someone who would understand me and my experience and thankfully I found Kaleah. My journey has tJen me to dark places but KaleahwS there to support me through that time. Thank you
Irma M
The Real Deal I have been very careful in choosing someone as a mentor. I have been searching for someone I felt was trustworthy and real. I am just finishing my second read of Kaleah's wonderful book “Rebirth”. I have grown more in my personal understanding by reading “Rebirth” and working with Kaleah then I ever did through many, many, years of psycho-therapy. Kaleah has personally broken through the illusion of the false self and is absolutely the real deal. I find it interesting that her work began in defining narcissism and continues to work with people who are either in or recovering from relationships with narcissists. It is interesting to me because what Kaleah brings to the table is everything a narcissist is not. She brings realness, authenticity, truth, no hidden agendas, healthy boundaries, and caring support. This is part of what makes working with Kaleah a healing experience. I never get the feeling that she wants to “fix” me and patch me up so I can fit better into a narcissistic society where image is valued over authenticity. That was my experience in therapy, they wanted to put humpty dumpty back together again, Kaleah on the other hand celebrates the fact that I have broken open and we work together towards a reinvention and a celebration of that freedom. Thank you Kaleah for having the courage to go through your own the dark nights of the soul and for your willingness to share your wisdom, strength and hope with others that we may do the same.
Kate B
Insightful, practical, supportive & well worth your time. I had a very productive session with Kaleah largely due to her vast knowledge & understanding of the effects of narcissistic abuse & what draws one to these type of relationships & keep us there. I felt understood, supported, & have gained quite a bit of insight. Kaleah also equipped me with a lot of great practical tools & exercises to work through. I highly recommend a conversation with Kaleah to anyone who has experienced living, dating, our growing up with a narcissist (or someone who displays many of the same destructive & toxic traits).
Michelle M
Moving forward In talking with Kaleah I was able to get in touch with some things from my past helping me to realize why I would ever be drawn into grips of a "crazy maker" and how to break free from some of my all to familiar thought patterns in order to break free. Thank you Kaleah!
Trisha G
Hypnotherapy Session I had a 90 minute Hypnotherapy session this week with Kaleah on my issues with Narcissistic Mother...I have to say it was brilliant very Cathartic. Kaleah also gave me tools to use when I am triggered. I felt so much calmer slept better that night. I highly recommend Kaleah shes loving and you feel safe with her. I Booked another session to go deeper...x
Amazing!!! I had a wonderful, healing hypnotherapy session with Kaleah in which we cut the psychic cords tying me to my ex (a narcissist). It was truly amazing, and I am feeling much better. I highly recommend Kaleah!
Deb K
rewind very good in dealing with past betrayals.
Kaleah couceling It was very helpful and I will be buying both her books very shortly.
Great Session Kaleah provided me with great insight regarding my on and off again relationship with a narcissist. She helped me understand the narcissistic behavior, the patterns and what to do so I won't get sucked back in to the lies and deception. She ended our session with a great meditation technique to help me get over the addictive relationship. I recommend Kaleah and wouldn't hesitate to schedule another appointment with her.
Hilary R
counselling session I had a very honest session with Kaleah, it was important to discuss the trauma with an expert who give me some very direct advice and answers to enable me to move forward in a positive way.
Alex I
Had a great time! You relaxed me with ur meditation therapy and helped me organize my thoughts a little on my issues, thx!
Jean G
True insight Thanks to kaleah for helping get a perspective on thoughts that were eating me alive. For a few miment, I got enough perspective to understand, even temporarily, how sick my ex truly is. Thank you.
Michelle M
Helpful in so many ways!! Kaleah opened my eyes to things I just couldn't wrap my mind around such as the realization that this whole narcissistic thing wasn't all in my head. I knew the truth but I needed validation. It's hard to finally face when you've had enough and even harder to know what to do about it. Another is, Kaleah helped me to realize who my guide is and to know they are there for me to get through this difficult time of letting go. Thank you Kaleah! I received more in an hour of talking with you than I ever did in a years worth of counseling I had when trying to get out of this same unhealthy relationship 2 years ago.
Counseling Service I had my initial counseling service with Kaleah LaRoche on 6/2/14 and was extremely please, relieved and excited to continue this journey of healing from narcissistic abuse as well as healing some of my own dysfunctional ways. I am looking forward to this journey and am now reading Healing Narcissistic Abuse.
therapy Kaleah, always seems to get me out of my funk. She is knowledgable and professional. I would not be where I am at today without her therapy. I highly recommend her services.
Gianna B
Counseling Sessions Kaleah is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of NPD, and more importantly NPD victim abuse. She is very empathic and draws from her vast knowledge from personal and professional experiences as well as acute intuition, providing the specialized help her clients need. To her credit, she uses her very informative website and her public radio show to offer a stream of ongoing research, information and support for her following. I highly recommend her, especially for someone suffering from the trauma of what I call, the "smooth criminal".
Grateful The invisible, destructive force that is narcissism, is a difficult abuse to describe. People around you witness the devastating impact and the deceiving appearance of the abuser, make it very confusing to explain. I have been left fighting psychologically for my life desperately trying to recover. Therapists don't really understand. And this is why I am so grateful for Kaleah, her presence, and her work. She gets what it means to be a victim of narcissistic abuse. But most importantly she offers the hope, possibility, and tools we need to each recover and gain new awareness. The most important gift is in unwrapping and getting to know ourselves deeply.
Cutting Cords Valuable Energy healers, like Kaleah, fix what's invisible in the field of traditional medicine. No MRI, blood work, cat scan or any other diagnostic equipment can see your energy pattern. There is no conventional medical technique or traditional pharmaceuticals available to fix the energy leak caused by a cord of attachment. Cords destroy emotional and physical health. I visualize them as an external octopus invading and attacking your energy field, slowly, surreptitiously and skillfully sucking your life force until all that was "you" is gone. Kaleah can help you if you are willing and ready. Her healing skills helped me to cut the cord. I am one again. Thank you Kaleah.
Profound QHHT session with Kaleah was both gentle and powerful and a profound experience for me. I recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their soul's journey and the nature of their connection to the Higher Self.
A helpful kindness I talked with Kaleah and she is able to quickly pinpoint issues and explain concepts. It felt good to reach out and have her understand and provide helpful direction!
rewind very good
Best Analysis of Narcissim For anyone experiencing the difficulty, confusion, and deep pain of recovering from a Narcissist Centered relationship, Kaleah is the person to connect with. She understands everything you're going through. Read her books. They contain the answers you've been searching for.
Insightful and very helpful Kaleah's counseling and hypnosis sessions are excellent. She is very knowledgeable and perceptive. I was a bit skeptical about hypnosis but thought I would give it a try. It really works! I noticed a distinct positive change immediately after the hypnosis session. Thank you Kaleah!
Invisible no More Thinking I was going silently Crazy and exhausting every friend left finding the narcissism free website and working with Kaleah who is very knowledgeable gave me valuable insight that I am invisible no more and that many people are working through the same challenges. Thank you.
Crystal W
Listening Friend Thanks for listening and I look forward to a clearing soon as well- thanks again!
Thank you Kaleah I have much gratitude for Kaleah's intuition, insights and for her strategies for moving through emotional pain. She seems to go to the heart of what is really going on, cuts through nonsense that you might be telling yourself, and enables you to embark on a path to a higher self. I still have some way to go, but am grateful for a guide who knows what I am talking about. Thank you Kaleah. Lucy
Michael R
consultation I was introduced to Kaleah through her writing about Narcisistic Abuse and found her observations spot on concerning my horrendous personal experience. After more than a year of therapy, workshops and various other modalities, I contacted her. I felt she understood my situation which gave me confort and her specific suggestions of actions to take towards feeling better were very helpful. I look forward to working with Kaleah again. She seems to be extremely versed in recovery, especially from someone so hurtful, cunning, sick and dangerous.
Definitely worth the money!! Kaleah was very helpful to me in putting into perspective what I have been dealing with. She nailed every issue I brought up with some words of wisdom, understanding and future direction. I felt comfortable with her and did not feel judged. I'm glad to know there is someone who understands and someone I now feel safe with to help me thru this journey.
thank you Kaleah finding a way through anger after abuse is not easy, but Kaleah is an affirming beacon of light in this process. thank you Kaleah
Wonderful Insight & Message Kaleah gave me some wonderful insight into a difficult situation, along with a beautiful message. She's very compassionate, balanced and centered. Thank you, Kaleah, for your assistance.
Such a tremendous help I have been working with Kaleah on and off for couple of years now. She has been next to me and helped me through the worst time and pain in my life. Today we are intensely working once a week and I cant describe in words, how her help gives me every day strength. She helps me understand things- so I wont go crazy and helps me to become better and teaches me how to deal with pain every day. Thank you, you are a blessing..
Exactly what I needed Kaleah was very helpful to me at an important turning point in my life. I felt that I needed a true expert to help me work through a very complicated and treacherous issue that I knew was having an impact so large on my life that it was impossible for me to see straight. She helped me to differentiate between what was true and what wasn't. She was the clear, fresh set of eyes that I needed so desperately. Without the strength that I got from Kaleah, I may not have had the strength personally to get myself out of trouble. I owe Kaleah a great debt of gratitude. I recommend Kaleah whole-heartedly.
Michael R
2nd session After my first session, I followed Kaleah's instructions for what to do and found it very helpful. My second session gave me additional relief from very intense emotions that have dominated my thoughts and feelling for a long time. Kaleah really knows the subject of Soul Recovery well, something that I had no idea would plague me. The work is tough but there is no other way to get through it. Kaleah listens very well and knows what to say, and what actions for me to take towards recovery.
therapy are the best. Your expertise in therapy is mind blowing. I have advanced in my life after divorce by leaps and bounds. I admire you. Thank you for all of your help in keeping me on track. Hugs Deb
The world's leading healer for narcissistic abuse Before being able to seek your help I really thought I couldn't find the strength or get the wisdom, motivation or insight to traverse dark nights of the soul and to find a way past rejecting myself by being attracted to and unable to extract myself from bullying men who don't value, cherish and love me whatsoever. It is such a strange dynamic to find oneself in - so counter-intuitive to how we assumed our life would be when we were young and full of optimism and hope. Anyway, I see and recognise just how powerful your recovery is - the profound way you are taking your message to others and helping others be free of this awful affliction. I could only do this with someone who was very close to the epicentre of the truth. Thank you for being such an amazingly giving person so generously giving the wisdom of your own experience to others. I hope this isn't too personal but I do hope there is someone who can compliment you and share all your gifts and give you the joy you deserve. I'm sure if that is what is meant to be it will come but for now God appears to want you to help as many people as possible with your extraordinary gift of healing and insight - I feel so lucky to be one of them today. Grateful client of Kaleah Laroche (via Skype!)
Beth F
Excellent Therapist Kaleah has been excellent to talk with during our sessions. She is thoughtful, insightful, and gives many helpful suggestions during our time ⌚ together.
Hynotherapy session with Kaleah very helpful Kaleah is really great. After being in sprititual counselling with her weekly for a month, we did a hypnotherapy session via skype to counter some negative "core beliefs" that i had. it was really amazing and helpful. She has also been helping me deal with all sorts of enabling behaviour in relation to narcissists that has led me to think - why do we even humour these people? they are so destructive and don't care about anyone else. yet society rewards them in so many ways. i have become more conscious of the ways in which i was idealising and enabling them. now trying to stop doing that and live with integrity and grow spiritually. Kaleah is really preparing me for treating life as a journey of awakening. thank you Kaleah!
shaneild w
Soul Recovery Session Always an insightful and powerful teacher. Grateful for her unique gifts in Soul healing and restoratation.
Uniquely Qualified, Gifted, Compassionate, Dedicated Kaleah is a remarkable person, practitioner and survivor who is more qualified and gifted than any other individual I've encountered in my search throughout the U.S. for someone who not only fully understands the nature of narcissistic abuse but who also teaches, guides and aids in recovery. The first step in the process is being understood, as this type of abuse is so misunderstood. Kahleah has dedicated her life to understanding. The second step, the hardest, is recovery and living in the solution. Kaleah is unsurpassed in this area. While some providers understand some aspects of the nature of narcissism, most do not have a complete holistic approach and understanding of what recovery means. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Darla B
Helpful Working with Kaleah has been enormously helpful to me. I appreciate her knowledge and am glad to have the opportunity to work with her.
A depth of perspective gained on the world Undergoing spiritual counselling with Kaleah is making me awake to so many things: my codependent nature, but also the ways in which the world is structured to reward narcissism and psychopathy. the corporation is modelled on the personality of a psychopath. this is what is killing our word. we need a paradigm shift. i start with this in my own life, focusing on what i can accomplish at my own highest creative and spiritual potential
Rhonda S
Core healing Core healing
Life affirming It is amazing how much your life will change when receive affirmation that it's ok to feel the way that you do; especially when for so long feelings weren't allowed to be expressed. My life is blossoming and brimming with potential. I am so excited to be on this journey to attain my authentic self.
incredible guide I am learning so much with Kaleah... how to give myself the love i need, and how to avoid draining negative situations. I don't feel alone in dealing with certain issues as i know she can give me the best counsel on them, this makes me less needy and more able to resist narcissists. thank you Kaleah!
Kristin R
Gratitude I am so grateful to have found Kaleah's website! I've read almost all of her books and recently had 2 telephone sessions with her; one counseling and one hypnotherapy. Her intuitive nature, respect for me, really listening and strong hypnotherapy techniques are amazing. I have made great progress in a short period of time and looking forward to continuing my work with her. Her integrity in who she is, her own struggles and
Laura C
"Been There" Support Kaleah has "been there" and that is so important in being understood as a survivor of narcissist abuse. My session with her was just the right amount of questioning and support that I needed to move forward.
David B
Kaleah Kaleah is an excellent healer with a heart of gold. Just one hour with her opened so many doors into what was holding me back. If she accepted my insurance i would meet with her 2x a week!
Julia G
Soul Retrieval Calmed me down to a place of peace.
Consultation Thank you for leading me to a healthier space and out of this abusive life pattern. Your insight and suggestions are life-saving. I highly recommend Kaleah to anyone suffering from narcissistic abuse.
Clare McKeown
Life Saver Having only just started sessions with Kaleah over Skype I cannot fully comment on that experience just yet. However when I found kaleah's podcast 2-3years ago it may just be the very thing that saved me in so many ways. To actually have someone, almost to the letter, describe what I was going through felt like I had someone there for me. Over and over I would play various podcasts and find immense comfort and/or even the will to go on. Now having become more empowered and been able to say "no" to the rotating internal messages of shame/judgement/criticism coming from the ego, I've managed to love myself enough (through Kaleah and immense reading of various things my end) and to not listen to the egos ploys to distract me and feed me a tonne of excuses and I have taken the plunge to speak directly with Kaleah where I have no doubt I will be supported, validated, seen and understood - which makes me feel less alone in my pain because i can actually be real with another person who has also faced their shadow side and therefore not receive a blank stare or mute/clueless response from some unconscious being (which I find makes me/you feel more alone) who is so emotionally repressed themselves that nothing 'real' like feelings could ever resonate with them. Speak soon Kaleah!!x
Marie O
Good Session I was pleased with my hypnotherapy session results. Kaleah had great insight and counsel.
Mindi M
Thank you Thank you Kaleah for all you have helped me with. You are that person I am able to turn to when others don't understand. I now see clearer the situation I have lived for 25 years and my own reaction to it. Dealing with Narcissism and the impact it has on you is not easy, but having that someone to help you see and understand can save your life. Thank you Kaleah for being that person.
Insightful therapist When I read the articles on Kaleah's website, immediately I knew Kaleah has an in-depth knowledge of the damage a narcissistic person can cause in someone's life. Validation is one of the most important things one could ask for after enduring the abuse of a narcissist. Kaleah's insights provided validation and hope for recovery against this "invisible" abuse that leaves scars as deep as any physical wound. Thank you Kaleah!
judy tengler
Understanding narcissism Kaleah is extremely kind and understanding. Her experience is this field brings such insight and compassion to the person going through the result of the abuse. I just love her. She has been such an incredible source of strength.
Jean H
Hypnosis Intense and enlightening.
Truth Finder I was struggling to hear my inner voice. I worked with Kaleah to uncover the truths I held within myself, but was afraid to confront. She was kind and compassionate; and did not disvalue or discard me; but instead truly listened and helped me heal.
Elizabeth M
review of session Very helpful both your books and conversation. It was great to connect over the phone and answer many of the questions I had. Thank you so much.
Lindsey D
very satisfied! I highly recommend kaleah counselling and books. Her information is extremely helpful and insightful. Her one and one counsel is carrying and wise. She really is a person that you can share you most personal thoughts with and not feel judged. Thank you kaleah for you work and support.
Healing Kaleah is very insightful about the impact a narcissist has on one's life and how to recover from it. Her books and articles are highly recommended. I finally found someone who understands! Thank you.
Lisa V
Very thankful Very thankful to have the opportunity to have such wise and kind input from Kaleah. A true gift to have counse that is specific to my situation. I have listened to her podcasts, some of them multiple times. She is a true gift and the counseling experience I would absolutely recommend Kaleah to a friend.
Rhonda S
Core healing Excellent
Stephen P
QHHT Session Kaleah is just wonderful. She is excellent at what she does, and makes you feel at ease and totally comfortable thought the entire session. She drawn on a long history of clinical hypnotherapy to enhance her QHHT sessions. I throughly enjoyed visiting some of my past lives and look forward to the healing that will come from the session.
Robert S
Outdoor experience is A+ Kaleah is truly an amazing person. The in-person experience was well worth it and I recommend it to anyone that can make the drive. She is very calming while at the same time keeping a "no nonsense" approach. I came to her for help dealing with my own narcissism. Let me say after having scared away several counsellors in the past she was the first that understood what I was going through, wasn't phased by it, did not judge, and most importantly was able to give me useful and practical advice to help me understand and deal with this issue. Great experience and I plan to see her again in the future :)!
A wonderful teacher Kaleah is a very caring and kind person. She is a great listener and most importantly she gets it. She creates a safe space for you to express all your emotions without judgement. She provides wonderful tools that I have used in my everyday life to help work through uncomfortable feelings and emotions. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Thank you! Kaleah is a kind soul and is full of wisdom. She is not judgemental at all and will put you at ease with her responses. Her website is also a fantastic resource for those wanting to learn more about the personal steps they need to take toward healing.
Thank you Kaleah is giving me well- grounded feedback and stable direction so that I can see through the misinformation that I accepted from a narcissistic person. For the first time in years, I am starting to think for myself. It 's work, but I am very grateful.
Positive Change is Possible Since I have been working with Kaleah, she has helped me see that taking care of myself is not only okay, it's my responsibility. And, I'm starting to trust myself instead of complain about not being able to trust others. I am so profoundly grateful that she has helped me see possibilities for change in my future that I could not see before working with her.
Counseling Session Kaleah was very helpful and insightful. It was so nice talking to someone who actually understands what you’ve going through. Highly recommended her!
Kathleen W
Amazing!!! Thank you so much,Kaleah. There is something incredible about how she works. I have found after my sessions with Kaleah, I feel free from bonds that had been attached for years. I think by her naming it,narcissism, and it will never get better , helped, but also she seems to remove the blocks to that understanding. anyway, I am very very happy to have connected with her I highly recommend her services. Thanks again.
Excellent! If you have suffered (or are suffering) from the effects of a narcissist in your life, I urge you to contact Kaleah. She will help you.
Grounded Kaleah's approach is solid, stable, and honest, which directly counters the chaos that I have been subjected to for many years. I am so grateful.
elizabeth c
Very Helpful Kaleah LaRoche helped me to sort through the mess of emotions I've experienced and I highly recommend her services. She has talent and gives a lot of help. I'm thankful I found her website.
Consultation I enjoy talking to kaleah and will follow her advices
Brenda G
Narcissistic Relationship Kaleah, I found our appointment conversation helpful. I liked hearing that my home is my sanctuary a safe place to be in the world and that I should be careful who I let in my front door. My front door equals to my heart and soul. Recognize how toxic Mike is, go into praying and meditation when I feel I want to talk to him instead of calling him. I felt encouraged and look forward to our next phone appointment.
Inspiring At this moment, I'm facing a number of difficult issues that I ignored when I allowed the narcissist to gaslight me, but I have hope: For the first time in 8 years, I danced--alone, in my kitchen, just my i pod and me. But for that moment, I felt connected to the rhythm of life, and I felt connected to me. I attribute that moment to the work I have had an opportunity to do with Kaleah and the support from her videos and podcasts. I'm inspired to keep moving forward.
Anastasia P
great help Kaleah is a very powerful speaker. She speaks from the depth of her soul and connects to the listener. She experienced what I experienced and she understands the relationship with a narcissist better than anyone I know. Her lectures and advices are for everyone, they are mind opening, profound and life changing. I strongly recommend Kaleah's insights and advice to everyone
Jane A
counseling session n/a
Value Since I have been working with Kaleah the most important thing I've learned is to value myself. As a counselor, teacher, and business woman she has demonstrated that as one values themselves, that value is transferred to others. I am so profoundly grateful.
Grateful So grateful to have found Kaleah
Mary E
One Hour "spiritual counseling" Dear Kaleah- Thank you so much for a wonderful session. You allowed me to open up regarding my situation and concerns and you were so very helpful with comments, advise and suggestions. I definitely plan to schedule another appointment in late February 2018, or so. I learned a lot! THANKS AGAIN!
Beth Annie S
Grateful Thank you for guided hypnotherapy session, brilliant.
Arvel B
Quantum Hypnosis It was an experience, I can say, I only want to re-experience again and again. Not what I expected in life-time reincarnations but three important questions were answered. Follow the Shaman of the Earth, Earth Medicine, contact Juanita. Kaleah was wonderful. Gracious, but thorough with a pleasant hypnotic voice. Well done.
Soul retrieval I had a soul retrieval session with Kaleah. She really understood my situation and the session was very very powerful indeed. I am so pleased that I contacted her.
luis u
session with kaleah great experience recomended 100%,
Maria B
Very grateful I spoke with Kaleah last week and I'm eager to have our first hypnosis session. I felt understood and comfortable with her. She is a great listener and encourage me to strictly keep contact cero with the narcissist in order to start my healing process. And I'm doing it. Thank you.
Teacher Kaleah is a teacher. She is showing me what I need to be independent for the first time in many years.
Shelley M
Counselling and Hypnotherapy I have had 3 sessions with Kaleah to date and during that time have found her to be very professional and highly intuitive and empathic. Kaleah has shown me simple yet powerful ways to calm the overwhelm and connect with myself. I have been able to open up more about all the confusion, doubt and insecurity I feel within myself and my relationships and have felt heard and validated. This in turn is helping me to slowly learn to trust and validate my own feelings and experiences. I have also had one hypnotherapy session which deeply resonated with me on all levels and has had a lasting impact. I will definitely be going back for more. Thank you Kaleah x
Fascinating Kaleah was incredible to work with, she was very thorough and professional and made me feel comfortable from the get go. Overall, it was a fascinating experience. It did not feel like "sleeping", as I remember everything that was being said and asked. But I simply stated the first thought or image that came to mind. Although at first it felt like I was just "making things up" (because I was only stating the first thought or image that came to mind), I had a strong emotional reaction to what was coming up which I found really interesting. After our session, I felt really empowered and comforted knowing that Love is really the only thing that matters from lifetime to lifetime. We've all taken turns playing various roles for the purpose of growth and expansion of our collective consciousness. We must release ourselves from fear and embrace the Divine Creator Beings that we all are. Infinite thanks and appreciation to Kaleah for her service!
Mónica C
My opinion about the experience talking with Kaleah Kaleah can understand what I have been going throught and always tell me the best advice i can receive from a very sensitive and intuitive person as I am
Grateful for Kaleah Kaleah was so easy to talk to on the phone! I didn't know what to expect not meeting in person. I can already tell she has the knowledge to understand my symptoms and the skills to help further me along in this process of recovery and moving ahead. So grateful I came across her website and bio. And to have someone understand from personal experience, I feel a sense of relief to know someone is out there that I can turn to!!!
Mark D
Very satisfied I was very happy. I really like the fact that you incororporate the spiritual and intellectual side of healing with an emphasis on spirit.
Sheila K
Past Life Regression Session Kaleah is a very professional past life regressionist. She was very thorough and answered all of my questions. She was very patient and took her time going through everything with me prior to, during and after the regression. Not only did she do a fabulous job in leading me to my higher self, but, she suggested that my physical ailments be healed. Amazingly, one of my health issues was completely gone after the session!
Leiha N
I feel like she really gets it. Within one session I have more hope than I've experienced in the last 2 years. She verbalized insights in a way that validated my pain while still allowing me to accept responsibility for my own journey. I look forward to working with her in my transformation.
The most knowledgeable narcissist healer I first learned about Kaleah after two serious relationships with men with narcissism, albeit manifesting in different ways. Her radio shows and books gave me a glimmer of hope in the darkness of a society that ignores or fails to understand the full devastating impacts of getting involved and falling in love with men with this personality disorder. Kaleah helps to pull out of the fantasies and imposed crippled self esteem, to come to terms with and face the pain, both historical and present, to reemerge as a whole self-loving soul again. She points you back to your true self, bringing you back home to peace, hope, trust and opening up to possibility of joy coming back into your life once again. By despersonalizing the personal disorder she arms me with new levels of deep self awareness and self protection to guard against repeating the same mistake and instead consciously choosing healthy, healed and happy lives, with or without a partner in it.
Wise... Insights and direction, I am so grateful...and expectant!
Camille H
QHHT Session I had an incredible experience with Kaleah as my guide during my QHHT session! I received insights from my Higher Self that I'm still processing. The session went beautifully and I highly recommend Kaleah. She is professional and very knowledgeable in her field! I will do this again soon.
Kaya H
wonderful therapist I’ve booked several sessions with Kaleah and will book more. As a child I was victimized by the psychiatric industry (forcibly drugged off label) and so was very suspicious of anyone in the psychology or psychiatry field, and did not believe in therapy. I came across Kaleah randomly while google searching narcissistic personality disorder, as I suspected an ex was a narcissist. I booked therapy sessions for narcissistic abuse recovery, still being suspicious about therapy, but found that Kaleah helped me and was unlike other therapists I had gone to before. I have made great progress in a short amount of time and have found therapy sessions with Kaleah to be a great investment for my mental/emotional health and for my life in general. Kaleah has been very kind and helpful to me and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a therapist.
Linda V
Quantum Healing Session Kaleah is extraordinarily skilled as well as empathic, providing excellentt questions & feedback. Highly recommend.
Understanding Thank you for your kindness and compassion in our discussion. Your insight and understanding has helped heal my heart. Counselling from others who do not have life experience was a damaging experience. Kaleah helped me move past mental blocks with her insight. To forgive myself. Thank you
Rewind Session First time to try this technique. I'm surprised at how well I felt in the days after. Kaleah is so easy to talk to and has many techniques to help alleviate symptoms. Skeptical at first using someone that I haven't met in person, but it's turned out to be a great option! And no worries about driving somewhere if you've experienced panic symptoms.
Emily M
Don’t waste another minute. If you are ready to take your life back, call Kaleah and let the healing begin. You are worth it!!
Violeta S
My experience My session with Kaleah was a very pleasant experience as she is a very skilled hypnotist. I felt safe and taken care of and I really enjoyed my time with her! Kaleah is dedicated to the wellbeing of the client, holding the space for them in a very carrying manner. I would highly recommend her!
Kelly L
Kaleah is fantastic Kaleah is fantastic she has helped guide me a lot.. I would recommend her to anyone.
Ewa Z
Phenomenal. Working with Kaleah is like bathing in a cornucopia of epiphanies. She is deep, brilliant and an exceptional guide to sourcing key answers within.
First Time-Great Experience Kaleah walked me through the symbolic cord cutting via deep relaxation and guided imagery. It was amazing, the images I created are still so vivid in my mind. Great experience.