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Offers Counseling, Spiritual Coaching, Classes, Retreats and Clinical Hypnotherapy.for recovery from narcissistic abuse, recovering the soul, and finding the authentic self.  

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  • 30 Minute Consultation $45
    A consultation allows you the opportunity to meet with me briefly by phone and ask any questions you may have about your situation. If you are considering counseling or hypnotherapy but unsure what direction to go, a consultation could be a good place to start.
  • One Hour Counseling Appointment $85
    I work with victims of narcissistic abuse, getting through the dark night of the soul and personal empowerment.  Sessions are conducted over the phone. I help you understand the level of abuse you have experienced and help you to get through the obstacles to your recovery or empowerment. This means you can benefit from Counseling no matter where you are in the world.
  • Spiritual Counseling $85
    Coaching for Spiritual Awakening and any issues having to do with moving ahead spiritually. These sessions are intuitive and much like my counseling sessions.
  • Weight Loss Coaching $85
    Weight Loss Coaching involves weekly counseling, coaching and hypnotherapy sessions to assist you in making the necessary internal and external changes needed to have the desired weight loss results.
  • Four One Hour Sessions $306
    You can receive a 10% discount for packages of four one hour counseling sessions.  Book your first session now and you can either go back to my Calendar to schedule the additional three sessions or schedule with me week to week.  The four session special is designed for weekly clients only.  It is preferable that these sessions be used within four weeks.  All four sessions must be scheduled within 60 days of purchase.  
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, 90 Minutes $128
    Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted over the phone and include
    Soul Retrieval, Rewind Technique, Psychic Cord Cutting, the Blue Room Technique or whatever is needed to help you achieve your goals.
  • Soul Recovery 90 Minutes $128
    Soul Recovery is a process by which you regain those pieces of that have been lost, stolen or given away. As your guide I take you to those places where your life force energy is stuck and free them up so you can be fully present and in your power right here right now. Most importantly in the aftermath of the narcissistic relationship it is important to take back your soul energy and life force from the narcissist.
  • Psychic Cord Cutting 90 Minutes $128
    This is a session where we cut the psychic energetic ties between you and the narcissist. It is effective in moving out all that old stuck energy and giving you a fresh start and perspective on the relationship.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy 2 hours $170
    This is a longer hypnotherapy session for those who need more time, or those who want to schedule a hypnotherapy session for the first time who have not seen me for any other services before.  This gives us time to talk about the issues you wish to resolve and leave adequate time to do the hypnotherapy session.
  • Rewind Technique 2 Hours $170
    This technique is one of the most effective hypnotherapy techniques for Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms. It works to desensitize you to the triggers and anxiety you are experiencing as a result of the narcissistic relationship. It is effective in greatly reducing anxiety and intense states of stress.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, 3 hours $255
  • Positive Programming Hypnosis - 3 hrs $298

    This package consists of a 90 minute fact finding session, where you come to me with the thing in your life you wish to change, or the thing you are deeply dissatisfied with, and I work with you to find out what the core wound or beliefs are that are causing you to stay stuck where you are.  We will then schedule a second 90 minute session for hypnotherapy reprogramming session and I will record this session for you.  I will produce two separate audio’s from your session that you can listen to on a daily basis.  The first audio will include the hypnosis induction so that you can go through the whole hypnosis session any time you wish.  The second audio, will cut out the induction and just play the programming part.  You can play this part whenever you want and even play it on a loop program while you sleep, which is highly effective.  

  • Higher Self Hypnotherapy 3 hrs $255
    In the "higher self" hypnotherapy session you are guided into a deep state of relaxation where we make contact with your higher self and work on whatever it is that you need assistance with.  This has elements of Quantum Healing Hypnosis but is not a QHHT session and can be done over the phone or Skype.  You can come to this session with a list of questions that you would like to have answers to.  We will have an intake prior to the hypnosis part of the session where I gather information and get to know you, (about an hour,) followed by the hypnotherapy part of the session (1.5 hours) and then a follow up directly after the hypnosis segment (about 30 minutes.)  This is a longer session as it involves these three segments and is very detailed.  


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